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Okay, I was trying to be nice about this at first, but even I have a breaking point.
"Boy's Love Story" will not be continued. Meaning, we are not going to write anymore. So please do not ask when chapter 12 will be out, when we plan on writing more or anything of the sort.
However, I have started a continuation of the story on my own. You can find it in the "Boys' Love Story" folder in my gallery.

Thank you for showing an interest in our story,

In a slow stroll, Cameron made his way down the almost deserted beach. His house was not to far from here, maybe a fifteen minute walk away. Anyway, his steel grey eyes scanned the horizon before him, taking in the scene of the sunset on the beach. He had still been walking when his thoughts were interrupted by the faint sound of light strumming on an acoustic guitar. Looking up, he saw the back of someone’s head gently swaying to the rhythm that the guitar played. He stopped for a moment, just listening...
The boy playing the guitar stopped as he hit a sour cord. He sighed as he ran a hand through his short black hair and leaned back in his chair.
The auburn haired boy cocked his head to the side when he heard the other stop, for he hadn’t been paying any attention, just sort of dazing out with the music. He decided that he shouldn’t intrude and turned to walk away, maneuvering over the large rocks on that part of the beach. His foot slipped off the top of a sharp rock and he slipped, falling forward. The boy caught himself on the slippery rocks below him, but scratched his palms in the process. Out of instinct, he – rather loudly - spurted a profanity as he began to push himself up. Thankfully, he thought, nobody saw that.
The boy looked down from his deck and muttered a soft, but audible, “A-Are you okay?”
Damnit...Wrong. Cameron got to a position where he was sitting upright, one leg on a smaller rock in front of him and the other pulled up closer to his body. “Yeah, just a few scratches...” He answered back, glancing down at the blood on his hands. Ew... He may have been what some people considered ‘tough’ but there were a few things that bothered him; clowns, small spaces, and blood.
He noticed the red on his hands and sighed, “Doesn’t look like it.”
“Well...” He couldn’t think of anything to say back and just sighed to himself. “Think you could toss me a few paper towels or something?” He called up, knowing that washing his hands in saltwater would sting like anything, so paper towels would have to do.
“Yeah...” he mumbled, setting his guitar down and heading down the stairs. He came to the downstairs porch and poked his head out, “Come in.” He went to the sink and turned on the hot water to warm it up.
Cameron nodded once, getting up and following the other into his house. He was, if Cameron might have noted to himself, rather attractive. “Thank you.”
The boy had short black hair with bangs that stopped just above his dark green eyes. His skin was light and very clear. He was also very thin.
He wet a cloth with the now warm water and put it on the back taller boy’s hand, “...Too hot?” he asked in the same soft voice.
The steel grey orbs that were eyes cast themselves up at the shorter of the two and then a single eyebrow raised itself a bit. “No. Are you alright?” He asked quietly, noticing the soft, almost effeminate features on his face.
The boy shifted his head a little more to avoid eye contact, “...Yes.” he replied, flipping the boy’s hand over to clean it.
“Hey,” Cameron gently wrapped his fingers around the others – slightly smaller - hand, “At least look in my general direction when you talk to me...please?” He then relaxed his fingers again, avoiding the urge to wince as the towel pressed the deepest part of the cut on his hands.
He blushed softly as the other boy curled his fingers around his, “S-Sorry...” he said, glancing at him for a moment, then back at his hand.
Cameron shook his head to himself, suddenly (out of instinct) pulling his hand back when he felt a sharp pain shoot up his arm. “Oh, sorry.” He said quietly as he examined his palm, pushing at the skin gently until a small fragment of rock came to the surface and then out of his hand. He stood and walked across the room, dropping it in a trash can that he saw. Ew...Just, ew.
He waited for him to come back over so he could clean off his other hand.
Cameron returned to the chair, looking up at the other and then leaning towards the left so that he could see the others face, but the younger’s long-ish hair obstructed his view. “So, can I ask your name? Or do I have to play the guessing game?” He asked as he held his other hand out for the boy.
“...Robin.” he mumbled as he started to clean his other hand.
“Hm...” He said the name mentally a few times. Nice name. “I’m Cameron.” He said softly, catching onto Robin’s extreme shyness quick enough. He would remember to speak softly around Robin for now.
He left the cloth next to him on the counter and then walked away mumbling, “Band-aids...” to himself.
Cameron took up the cloth and held it in-between his hands. It wasn’t hot anymore, and the cool sensation felt good on his stinging palms. Watching the other walk away and into the bathroom, he smiled to himself. He loved when guys had that subtle hip-swivel when they walked; it was so sexy.
Robin stood up and turned back to Cameron, noticing that he was watching him. He blushed softly, causing him to hide his face more. Once he was in front of Cameron again, he opened one of the band aids and slowly put it on his hand.
Cameron noticed that the younger of the two was gentle, and the feeling of his fingers against his skin was barely a soft caress. Noticing the blush on the others cheek caused a small smile to tug at the corner of his lips.
Robin opened the last band aid and placed it on his hand, then backed away a bit to allow him room to stand.

“Thanks, Robin.” Robin...The name just rolled of his tongue comfortably. He stood and then cocked his head to the side, noticing that the other still wasn’t looking even in his direction. “Hey, would you mind playing your guitar again? I heard you playing earlier, and it was really good...I liked it.” He flashed a small, almost pleading smile at the other. “Please?”
“You...heard...?” he asked shyly, sounding a bit embarrassed.
“Yeah, I didn’t mean to, but I was walking by and I overheard.” He cocked his head in the direction of the stairs, as the patio was obviously up there through some door. “Please?”
Robin wanted to protest—really, he did...but he couldn’t think of anything he could say to change his mind. So, he went back up to the patio to get his guitar and walked slowly over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. He adjusted it in his lap, and then paused for a minute to think of a song. After a moment, he began to strum lightly on the strings.
Cameron took a chair and seated himself across from Robin, his foot lightly tapping to the soft rhythm of the guitar. He was very good; good timing, good rhythm and beat, and he was just good, in general.
Robin began unconsciously humming when the words would come in. He also began to gradually play louder.
As the sounds got bigger, so did Cameron’s smile. “Hey, you can sing. I won’t bite.”
Robin kept playing, though stopped humming for a moment. He quickly found it too difficult to not sing with it. So, he began to sing very softly.
Cameron leaned forward subconsciously, his elbows on his knees, so that he could hear better. As far as he could tell, even though it was a dull whisper, the other could sing. He wasn’t to sure yet.
“It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go...” he sang softly.
“Why do you sing so quietly?” He paused, looking away for a moment, then back at the other. “You’re really good.”
Robin blushed, but decided it was okay to sing...just a bit louder,
“The rain is fallin’ on my window pane
but we are hidin’ in a safer place
under the covers stayin’ safe and warm
you give me feelins’ that I adore.”
Cameron nodded his head lightly in movement with the music, but didn’t sit back. He wouldn’t admit it of course, but he liked being closer to the other.
Robin continued to sing through the rest of the song, almost hesitating at the last chord. Once he played the last chord, then Cameron would tell him it was bad; maybe horrible. However, he played the chord and set the guitar down.
Cameron sat back, a smile set across his features. He sat in silence for a moment, before leaning forward again. “You, you are very good.”
Robin’s eyes widened a bit. He said good. Very good. He resisted the small smile that attempted to show itself, “N...Not really...”
“Yes. Really.” Cameron responded, no doubt in his voice. “You are very, very good. You can argue all you want, you won’t win.” He said with a small smile on his lips.
Robin put his hands on his knees and nervously played with his fingers.
Cameron reached forward, gently grasping each of his hands around Robin’s. “Why do you fidget so much?” He leaned his head down and looked directly at the other, eyes full of question.
Robin’s eyes widened more and he blushed, jerking his head to the side.
“Hey,” Cameron whispered, lifting one hand to Robin’s chin, and very gently pulling it so they were face to face, “Answer me?” He asked sweetly.
Robin’s blush deepened, “I...I don’t...know...I just...” he stuttered.
“It’s okay, calm down. Take a deep breath.” He whispered reassuringly, biting on the corner of his lower lip in a manner that showed he was either concerned, paying attention, or both.
Robin lowered his face again; he just couldn’t bring himself to look Cameron in the eye, “Sorry...”
“It’s alright. Don’t worry about it.” He flashed a small smile, still concerned. He sat back up slightly, but didn’t let go of the younger’s hands. He had actually, sort of, kinda just forgotten he was holding them. “You don’t have to worry. I’m not going to hurt you or anything.”
“I know...but...” he mumbled. He desperately wanted to pull his hands away, but...he also liked the way their
Cameron gave his hands a gentle squeeze of reassurance. “But what, Robin?”
“...I don’t even know.” He said stupidly, not liking the situation at all.
“Alright then, you don’t have to tell me.” Cameron then realized he was still holding the other’s hands. He didn’t care, he liked it. Robin hadn’t said anything yet, so maybe...just, maybe it was okay? For now, it was, it seemed so at least. He looked down a moment, but then noticed what seemed to be a cut or scar or something on his wrist. Lightly turning his hand over, he surveyed the many light, and few deep, scars on his wrist. “...?”
Robin almost ripped his hands away from him, folding them lightly in his lap, I can’t believe I...!
Cameron nodded to himself, looking away and sucking on his cheek. “I’m sorry.” He didn’t want to leave, not yet...
“I stopped.” He assured him, that being the boldest thing he’d said to far.
“I’m glad.” He said quietly, almost kicking himself the moment it came out of his mouth – metaphorically speaking, of course. He was glad?! How fuck-tard retarded must that have sounded? Damnit...!
“...Me too,” agreed Robin, looking a little ashamed of himself.
Cameron repeated the motion from earlier, where he swiveled the other’s face to meet his. “You shouldn’t look so sad.”
Robin finally allowed his eyes to meet Cameron’s, though through his bangs.
Cameron flashed a winning smile at Robin, his eyes displaying genuine sincerity.
Robin blushed very faintly, but managed to keep his eyes on his.
Cameron removed his hand from the other’s chin and raised it to his forehead, pushing the younger’s black hair out of his face. He cocked his head to the side, raising a brow. “I know this is kind of random, but are you part Chinese or...?”
Robin lowered his head to hide a slight smile, “I’m half Japanese.”
“I thought so.” He paused, all of a sudden feeling incredibly stupid. “Just, ya` know...Wondering.”
He looked up, the small smile still left on his face, “It’s fine.”
Cameron nodded his head, “See, you look better when you smile,” he stated quietly.
Robin’s blush deepened, yet again, at Cameron’s words.
Cameron and Robin sat in silence for a moment before, some-what subconsciously, Cameron leaned forward a bit more towards Robin. What was he doing?
Robin tensed; his body trembling slightly, What the hell is he...?
He wasn’t sure what was driving him forwards. No matter what it was, Cameron had trouble resisting it. He gently placed his lips over the other’s.
Robin’s eyes widened and he blushed wildly. He was kissing another guy. But...he didn’t mind it. He hesitated before giving in and shyly returning the kiss.
Cameron held it for a brief few moments before slowly pulling back, stopping while their faces were still unnecessarily close to each other. “Uhm...Sorry...” He was more at a loss of words himself (which was rather out of character for him). He stood up, and the back of his legs pushed the chair back.
Robin looked up at him, almost desperately, and muttered, “I...I kissed back...didn’t I?”
“I know...” He paused, unsure of himself for the moment. “I know.” Cameron sat back down, still confused for some reason.

There was a long, horribly awkward silence shared between the teenagers.

Fuck this shit. Cameron leaned forward, his hands resting on either side of Robin’s face. The older boy planted a soft, sweet kiss on Robin, holding it for a few seconds longer then normal, and then repeating the process.
He caught Robin completely off-guard, and he almost fell off his chair. However, after his mind processed what was happening, he kissed back.
Cameron let go of the younger boys face and then reached for his hands. He grabbed them and slowly guided them towards his waist, and then letting go. Cameron’s own hands made their way back to their original position, the tips of his fingers playing with the ends of the other boy’s hair.
Robin kept his hands placed lightly where Cameron had put them earlier and let him lead.
Cameron slowly – but surely - got out of his chair and closer to the other, practically towering over him as he approached his full height, even though he was slouching over to reach Robin’s face. Someway or another, he ended up guiding both of their bodies to the floor.
Robin leaned back as Cameron stood over him, and allowed him to easily move them to the floor. He laid himself down, never breaking the contact between their lips.
Cameron eased himself on top of Robin while – again - guiding his hands so that they were wrapped around his waist. Cameron’s own hands went, mindlessly, to the floor on either side of Robin to hold himself up. He broke the kiss a long while later, moving his lips along his jaw line and down to the soft skin on his neck.
As Cameron moved down to his neck, Robin tilted his head back and bit his lip. He also took the opportunity to catch his breath; this was...indescribable.
Cameron gently sucked on his neck, occasionally nipping at his flesh playfully. He lowered to his elbows, lowering his aim to the boy’s collar bone.
Robin felt him going lower on his neck and felt that might be too far and tried to get up, “I think we—“
Cameron cut him off mid-sentence, pushing him back down by his shoulders while kissing him again. As soon as he was down on the ground, he pinned the younger by the wrists.
He’s...He’s obviously done this before...thought Robin, wincing slightly as his shoulders hit the hardwood floor. In reaction the sudden kiss, he arched his back sharply and moaned lightly through the kiss.
Cameron found this turn in attitude incredibly arousing. He broke the kiss once more, planting slow, long kisses up and down his jaw line, before moving down to his neck again, and finally his collar bone. Up and down Robin’s collar, he sucked, kissed, and nipped on occasion, all the while growing very pleased with the reactions he got from the boy.

Robin craned his head back and once again bit his lip, “Ca...Cameron...?” he questioned, his mind hazy.
It was rather obvious Robin had never kissed anyone before, let alone made-out with them...or another boy for that matter. At the sound of question, he stopped kissing his collar bone, looking up patiently, “Hm?”
Robin kept his head back, not feeling like looking at him once again, and took a deep breath, “No, I...I didn’t mean...stop...” he said shyly.
“I understand,” he whispered, his breath hot on the other boys ear as he lowered his head. He kissed below his ear once, and then gave him a small, tender kiss on his lips once more to show his understanding.
Robin returned the short kiss before moving his head to the side to give him the same access as before. He pushed all the negative thoughts to the back of his mind. For now, everything was just...good. More than good; but no words he could think of seemed to fit.
Cameron noticed him move his head back, and took the cue without protest. He left a small train of kisses on the boy as he made his way down the side of his neck.
Robin closed his mouth to keep another soft moan from escaping his throat.  He also touched Cameron’s hands, signaling that he wasn’t going anywhere.
Cameron felt the soft touch on the back of his hands and then let go, his hands working their way to the other’s stomach, just under the hem of his shirt. Cameron’s fingertips gently played their way across Robin’s stomach.
Robin bit his lip with a smile and arched his back in pleasure, “That...That tickles...” he giggled softly.
“Are you sure it only tickles?” He asked playfully, his hands inching their way up Robin’s stomach, his shirt getting pushed up by his wrists in the process.
“P...Pretty sure...!” he giggled, bringing his hands to his face to cover his mouth.
“Meh...You’ll live.” He gave a playful smirk, his hands reaching up to the boy’s chest. He leaned down and gently nudged Robin’s hands away with his cheek, laughing quietly at the thought of the sight of the two of them. He kissed him, full on, on the mouth - once Robin’s hands were gone, of course.
Robin smiled and looked down at him, before lowering his head back as Cameron brought his face closer for a kiss. He brought his arms shyly around Cameron’s neck and looked up at him.
Cameron opened his eyes for a moment, right before he broke off the kiss, and was met by the sight of two huge, gorgeous, dark green eyes staring into his grey. In the midst of what a trashy-romance novelist would call a ‘hot’ and ‘steamy’ make-out session, there was that intriguingly romantic moment where the two locked eyes during a kiss.
Robin smiled up at him as he broke the kiss, but immediately pulled himself up towards him and kissed him softly.
Cameron was suddenly taken aback at Robin’s actions. He had definitely not seen that coming – not that he was complaining or anything, no. As this was going on, he was – still - trying to get the other to raise his arms...just a little bit. God damn shirts.
Robin smiled through the kiss and broke it to remove his shirt, “...You too?” he asked innocently.
“Mhm.” Cameron sat up, just slightly, and slid off his button up shirt in one smooth movement, tossing it to the side carelessly; it had been unbuttoned while he walked. He then lifted his white tank top and pulled it over his head quickly. He then leaned forward again, kissing Robin passionately. The feeling of his skin against the others was almost mesmerizing.
Robin blushed at the sight of the now-shirtless Cameron and even more at the feeling it gave him when he came to kiss him once again. He almost lost himself in the feeling. It was fantastic. Absolutely, amazingly fantastic. He immediately brought his hands to Cameron’s face and returned his kiss with just as much (if not more) passion as was being passed to him.
Cameron was - needless to say - pleased with these new developments. “Enjoying yourself?,” he spoke right through the kiss, a smirk playing on his features.
“Very much so.” Robin said plainly, but devilishly. He smirked and wrapped his legs around his momentarily with a laugh.
Cameron reached back with his right hand, catching Robin’s thigh before he had a chance to put it down.
“Good,” he answered in a breathy whisper.
Robin brought one hand over his face and just laughed, “This is ridiculous!”
Cameron cocked his head to the side, doing his characteristic, ‘eyebrow raise.’ “Wait...You just said...?”
“No, no, that’s not what I mean!” he giggled, “I mean...I just met you an hour ago and we’re rolling around on the floor!...” he paused, blushing furiously at what he had just said.
“Oh...You have a good point.” Cameron chewed on the inside of his lower lip, laughing to himself. “Yeah...”
“But I’m not complaining.” He said bluntly, pecking him on the cheek.
“Good, because I have no intention of stopping right now.” Without another word, he lowered himself into another deep kiss with the guitar player.
Robin smiled; he was also enjoying his current mood. He leaned up and met with his lips midway, returning his kiss.
Cameron opened his eyes, hoping against hopes that Robin’s eyes would be open. A glimpse into the deep green of his eyes was so...intense. It was insane.
Just as Cameron opened his eyes, Robin opened his slowly and looked up at him, “What...?” he asked, scared he did something he didn’t like.
Cameron shook his head reassuringly, pecking him on the tip of the nose. “Nothing; you’re eyes are absolutely amazing.”
Robin blushed lightly, lowering his head, but not breaking the gaze.
Cameron laughed quietly at his sudden shyness, lifting his hand up and pushing Robin’s hair back. “Hey, you okay?”
“Fine...” he mumbled.
Cameron noticed that he was acting like he had an hour and a half ago. Cameron climbed off Robin and reached over, grabbing his tank top and handing it to him with a small smile. He grabbed his own shirts and slid on his navy blue button up shirt – not bothering to button it, and then hanging his tank top over his shoulder.
Robin crawled over to him, then stood, hooking his finger in his belt loop, “I didn’t mean to...” he mumbled, “Sorry.” He looked up at him.
Cameron bit his lower lip as he watched Robin crawl towards him shirtless. Damn...That’s hot...he thought to himself. “Hey, it’s alright.” He flashed a smile, looking down at the other. “If you’re uncomfortable, we can stop.”
Robin looked him in the eye, “I’m not. I promise.” He said, smiling softly. He then put his thumbs into opposite belt loops.
Cameron nodded. Robin was so...interesting, for lack of a better word. No, wait...Intriguing. Yes; that was the perfect word for it. “You promise? I don’t know you that well,” he laughed as he spoke, “How do I know you’re not lying?” Cameron smirked slyly.
“You can’t trust my promise...” he started, “But you’ll make-out with me on the floor?” He smirked and brought himself closer to Cameron.
Cameron nodded, “Yep. Exactly.” He then copied Robin’s movements, getting closer to the boy.
Robin smiled and laid his head against Cameron’s chest, “You’re weird.” He said, smiling to himself.
“You love it.” Cameron wrapped his strong arms around Robin, one hand on the small of his back and the other on the back of his neck.
“Maybe,” Replied Robin, looking up at him again.
Cameron looked down at Robin; the height difference was odd. He lowered his face a few inches and kissed Robin, their two bodies pressing together.
Robin smiled as Cameron came down to kiss him again. He removed his thumbs from his belt loops and wrapped them around his waist, twining his fingers.
Cameron gently sucked on Robin’s upper lip on occasion, never breaking the ground-shaking lip lock.
Suddenly, the clock rang out with a loud ‘dong’ and Robin whipped his head around to look at the time, “Shit!” he said sharply.
Cameron basically freaked out at that point. “What?! What?!”
“My mom’s going to be home any minute!” he shouted, “Grab everything!” He ran over to pick up his shirt, then immediately bolted up the stairs, “Hurry up!” he yelled.
Cameron made sure he had both of his shirts and his flip-flops (which had fallen off over the past two hours) and bolted after Robin, taking the stairs two at time.
Robin slipped his shirt on and straightened out his messy hair, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he mumbled, sitting at the end of his bed.
Cameron put on his tank top and buttoned up his navy blue shirt. “Calm down!” He whispered, knowing that if his mom came in and he was freaking out, it would look ten times as bad as it was.
“Right, right...” he mumbled, “Wow.” He laughed, looking over at Cameron.
Cameron leaned against Robin’s wall, his arms crossed. “Yeah...Wow.” He laughed, shaking his head.
Robin suddenly realized the smile he still had on his face; that’d be a dead giveaway that something happened. He tried to think of something to get his mind off of what had happened - as if that was even possible - but he figured he’d try.
The look of deep thought on Robin’s face confused Cameron and he cocked his head. “What are you thinking about?” He asked quietly, eyes full of confusion.
“Road kill.”  He replied, then realized that sounded extremely awkward, “My mom’ll know something happened if I’m smiling.”
“Are you sad that often?!” He asked, utterly in shock that a smile could surprise someone’s mother, of all people.
Robin heard the door open, “She’s home.” He muttered, “Small talk.”  Decent timing...he thought.
Cameron attempted to talk about anything...It proved amazingly difficult. Sports? No. Food? Uh, no. Weather? NO. Girls? Definitely not.
“Robin, honey, I’m home!” shouted his mother coming up the stairs.
Just as she opened the door, Robin looked over at Cameron, “Oh, yeah, I like them too.” He said.
Cameron paused when his mother came in, turning and giving her a quick wave. “Me too, I like the glazed kind best though!” He replied nonchalantly, smiling.
What the hell...? thought Robin, Donuts...?
“And who’s this young man?” she asked nicely.
“Hi!” He answered, grinning. “I’m Cameron, nice to meet you.” Cameron had always been a great liar.
“Oh, Rebecca’s son, right?” she asked.
His eyes got slightly wider then, “Uhm, yea. That’s my mom.” How the fuck...?!
“Yes! She talks about you all the time.” She said, “Alright, well, I’ll leave you two alone.”
That sounds horribly perfect....thought Robin.
That sounds terribly amazing...thought Cameron.
Just as Robin’s mother shut the door, he fell dramatically onto his back, “God.”
** age 15 + **
chapter two: [link]

~cameron: devonkaboom
~robin: known-secret

i hope you all enjoy this as much as we do =]
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and no problem! i read the rest on fictionpress (i'm shelbster there)
AMAZINGGG storyyyy~! haha.
CarolineOGrady Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Ahhhh so you are the Shelbster! I'll give ya a shout out on my next update! Thanks a bunch for takin' the time to read the rest of the story on Fictionpress! You srsly rock! :boogie: And I've already read the next chapter of your wonderful Boys Love story, I'll be writin' a review for that after this... It's flippin' AWESOME so far :lol:
known-secret Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007
woo! i feel special ^^- haha
and it was no problem! my
mind wouldn't let me not
finish reading it, haha XD

i'm thinking of uploading this
to fictionpress....but i just signed
up (to comment your story, actually)
and i'm still on that '3 day waiting' whatever
thing.....blahblah, i'm rambling.
CarolineOGrady Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Ah man, totally post it on Fictionpress! Then I can add you to my Author's Watch and get all of the updates! Plus, it's supah sweet to have lots of reviews on one story on both websites! :laughing:

Ugh... but that 3 day waiting period... *cringes* Ah well, thank you for joining to comment on my story! I feel so loved! :boogie:
known-secret Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
i plan on ittt =DDD

i know, irritatinggg.
haha, no problemmm =]]]
Leeorama Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
Really nice story.
known-secret Featured By Owner May 31, 2007
thank you very much =]
Tech-Dave Featured By Owner May 20, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Amazing :)
known-secret Featured By Owner May 20, 2007
thank you very much~!!

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